Friday, October 24, 2014

No Thinking Allowed Here No More

James Monroe (1758-1831) "LET US by wise and constitutional measures PROMOTE INTELLIGENCE among the people as the best measures of preserving our liberties."


Had we kept our children wise

And kept abreast of demons in disguise

Had we opened up our eyes

To the ignorance brought on by blatant lies

Indoctrination in our schools

Breed misconception and dumb the fools

Interlopers use propaganda as their tools

And far left loons become stubborn mules

Hold tight dear people and you will see

Dependence isn't better than liberty

The leaders heap upon you free

A life but not your dignity

Brains are left to rot

Hope is gone and goals forgot

Long gone the will to make them stop

And faith and purpose continue to drop


We Dropped the Ball

James Madison said "Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives." .


Our forefathers handed us a gift

Won for us by the blood of countless sons

In all the simplicity of those days gone by

They had a vision of what must be done

This new land brought hope

The days of living under a king would end

The people would be in charge

Of opportunities now afforded them

But a certain task they asked of us

To keep the patriot's ship on course

Was that future generations

Keep close to their hearts our nation's source

We were to know the constitution

And adapt it as times would change

But to the letter the ammendments must be

To keep us free of past socialist chains

But over time ignorance grew

We turned to government for want and need

For too many had waived their rights

And let government grow in greed

Perhaps the powers above us see

We are too lazy or busy to know

That the people were to be the power

And we let that priviledge go


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chameleons...commentary and quotes

"Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together." -Eugene Ionesco

This quote is interesting in that it has been Obama's ideology that has driven Americans apart and he has worked hard to continue to divide us. He is well aware that it will be our common anguish that can unite us. His game plan is to cut us off with a new crisis each time we begin to unite over the last crisis. We definitely need a new defensive coordinator.

"Evil is always unspectacular and always human. And shares our bed...and eats at our table." -W.H. Auden

Evil is best spread by masquerading as a common. Ever notice how Obama acts like he is cool? He is a chameleon who adapts to whatever crowd he is facing. He makes people identify with him and gains their trust.

"There are some that only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts." -Voltaire

Oh, and how good is Obama at employing his words and affect to gather in the believers!?  It has been his greatest tool but his words are now tainted by so many lies that they are losing their power to anyone with half a brain. Except for those who benefit from his lies and are bribed into submission with all the freebies the government can provide.


"Good men are bound by conscience and liberated by accountability." Wes Fessler


I look upon our leader

Not with reverence but disgust

He has been a crisis breeder

And has failed to earn our trust

As his party stands and lies for him

The main stream media covers

And though our future continues to dim

We divide from one another

We have seen no sign of conscience

And no accountability

We put up with all this nonsense?

Have we lost all sense of reality?

Weapons walked with Department of Justice approval

Our own died on orders to stand down

Our president golfs while his attention is crucial

And our southern border leaks all around

School indoctrination

Liberal college teachers soil the minds

Abortions bring liberation?

Dependency stagnates all mankind

Mold spreads behind our walls

The deadly spores, our air it permeates

It is all designed to cause the fall

Of a nation now prone to caliphate



"Trust, honesty, humility, transparency, and accountability are the building blocks of a positive reputation. Trust is the foundation of any relationship." (Mike Paul)


Where is the honesty?

Our power is lost in this new diplomacy

Why is our reputation bust?

People have no trust!

There is no accountability

Our representatives have no integrity

It takes no speculation

About their questionable reputation

As congress stands at stale mate

Our country is driven to seething hate

It's been an era of division

Urged by political decisions

Blame is standard now, these days

And it comes down to the dues we pay

From ignorance and degradation

It has chained a once powerful nation

Humpty Dumpty, as we recall

Fell to pieces from a high stone wall

Is our beloved republic about to repeat

Fractured pieces at our feet?

Truth, honesty, humility,

Transparency and accoubtability

Would end the pure frustration

Of a once proud,free, and powerful nation


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Did They Know Their Co-Conspirators?

Glenn Greenwald..."The term propaganda rings melodramatic and exaggerated, but a press that---whether from fear, careerism, or conviction---uncritically recites false government claims and reports them as fact, or treats selected officials with reverence reserved to royalty, cannot be accurately described as engaged in any other function."


Those  to whom we should rely

To report accurately as life goes by

Join forces with agenda seekers

Even if they need to lie

It's like a military mission

Politicians and media conspire

And it doesn't take a genius

To know they all are blatant liars

Who won't believe their favorite anchor

They watch on nightly news?

Even though they are just a mouthpiece

Spreading more progressive views

And all the people who rather not know

Just what the hell is going on

Are sitting soiled in all their ignorance

Too soon they'll see their freedom gone

Then will they wonder where it went?

They thought that all was in its place

The media will be mired in restrictions

Back to them the blame is traced

Walking in lockstep was not our way

But for conspirators who sold the news

And they too will be suffering

As We the People sing the blues


Political Lies Fall a Natio

George Orwell said..."Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."


They speak we say speak

Speeches meant to confuse the issues

Let's try speak and lie speak

Break out the tissues

Misuse all confuse all

Politicians lost in their fantasies

Tales tall we all fall

Who pays? Just humanity!

Take note, we can all vote

Too often the best stay home

Old senate goats will all gloat

They are so hard to dethrone

Cold air blows, hot air flows

Frustration in another administration

Economy slows, that's how it goes

It's about to collapse a once mighty nation

Days go by, patriots cry

Too many demand their fair share

Benefits sky high, no one will try

Robbing Hood thinks it's fair

And the majority is not aware